Libraries can now answer your questions even if our doors are closed! Introducing …….Tawk Chat Reference service rolled out from the Tech folks at Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System. You can see the new icon on the right side of this page just under upcoming events. Click on this icon to ask a question from a library staff person. If the chat service is not live at that moment, you will be directed to a simple form for you to fill in your question, hit submit and someone will get back to you soon. Or you can access the Tawk Reference Platform by going to in the bottom left corner you will see either a chat icon or an envelope icon in green. The chat service will be accessible via an icon on the CCLS website, member websites and catalog. Just another terrific example of how your library staff and CCLS staff are working hard every day to keep you informed, interacting and involved with your local library.

New Tawk Chat reference platform

Answering your Questions via Tawk