To all the people who believe our library in Ellington provides value to either yourself, your family or this community….. Would you like to make your voices heard? Would you be willing to write something that explains what value our library, Ellington library, provides to you? You do not have to specifically be a patron of this library only a person who has used our library for any reason. Have you attended an interesting program where you learned something? Have you enjoyed a movie, book discussion or a craft time? Do you think our Summer Reading program helps your children? Has our patron computers and free Wi-fi been an important service to you? Our future funding may depend on people just like you answering that question. Feel free to write a sentence, a paragraph or a whole book, 😉 and drop your answer off here anytime before September 16th. We will take all your letters to the Town Board meeting. If you value a library here in Ellington then you need to step up and tell the Town Board that. They have many things that need to be funded by the Town Budget and I’m sure it’s hard to decide how much and who to give it to. Will you help us prove our value to them? Remember: Strong Communities build Strong Libraries! Let’s work to build this community together!

Does the Library Provide Value?