Lessons learned from this NY Pause and the closing of the library is how much the library is more than just our item collection. Being closed has amplified the fact that we really exist to serve the community. Right now the community cannot physically be seen by our staff. We still offer our item collection through Libby app, Overdrive and other databases that can be accessed by our website and through Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System (CCLS) You saw all those elinks in the April newsletter. I will post them again inside the newsletter in case you missed them. We still are trying to connect with you on Facebook by offering relevant information, links to fun sites and creative things for adults and children alike to do. Sometimes it’s just offering up funny quotes because we all need to take our mind off the news for a
while. These are things we do to make attempts at staying in touch with you but, they can never replace the face to face interactions of the library on a daily basis. I miss….. seeing your smiling faces, hearing your book review when you return your latest books, putting on the coffee for the various groups that meet in our community room, attempting to help you research your reference questions and then learning something new from those answers, finding your favorite authors, locating obscure books, placing holds and then sharing in your excitement when you come pick up those holds…the list just goes on. I miss hearing the children’s voices while they compete with each other in their computer games and even having to remind them to tone down their excitement sometimes! To read the rest of the May Newsletter please click on the link below

Ellington Farman Library May Newsletter



Ellington Farman Library Lessons Learned