Ellington Farman Library’s first newsletter of the 2021 year:  In the library it may seem like January is quiet and peaceful with its softly falling snow outside and the coziness of an old building full of books on the inside. Don’t be fooled! This first month of the year is when a full year’s worth of programming starts to be realized.

All future craft and art programs start in January with a trip into the unheated upstairs craft storage room to take stock of what is leftover from last year. This year we seem to have an abundance of wooden items due to donations from a few woodworkers. There are still a lot of glass jar donations and the never ending pinecone collection. These are supplemented by ribbons, cloth material and lots of beads. Put these supplies all together, throw in a hefty dose of creativity supplied by Pinterest and we come up with the first craft ideas of the year. Next we try to tie in the crafts to either a holiday, book topic or author idea and then out comes the calendar to see where we can plug those events in.                                        Click on the link below to read the rest of the Ellington Library January 2021 newsletter

January 2021 final



All’s Quiet on the Outside