Once a year I have to write  a column concerning the explanation of our name. I had hoped after six years I wouldn’t have to do this article again but I am hearing of ongoing  issues with people unable to locate recent information about our library.

Six years ago we chose to change our name because we thought it would be  easier to understand who we are. Who we are is a library in Ellington, hence we changed the name to “Ellington Farman Library’ in hopes that people would look for us under the town’s name. We thought it would be easier to understand  where we were located as the old name, Farman Free Library, could be in any town in America. In 1924 we received money from the Farman family which was designated specifically for the establishment of a library. The Farman Free Library Association was incorporated in July 1924 and officially opened in August of 1925. Therefore we chose to keep the “Farman” in the name. So what’s the big  problem you say? What does it matter if they search under our old name or our real name?

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Nov 2021 final


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Explanation of Our Name