The following is an article from the October 2020 Newsletter. Click on the newsletters Menu to continue reading the rest. 

Grateful: adjective: thankful, full of gratitude, appreciative

It is totally time to show some appreciation to a few organizations and community members for some great things happening around the library.                                                                                                              Firstly I’d like to tell you my heart smiles every time I approach the front walk of the library and I see a rock painted with color and an encouraging word that someone left for me to find. I want you to know I’ve seen them even when you move them around to the children’s room window! I see them when I hang the flag every day and I’ve noticed them right by the front entrance. Whoever has painted them and whoever is hiding them around town deserves a heartwarming thank you for your thoughtfulness.

     To those patrons who have waited while we continually had to unjam the paper and reprint their copies… you will wait no more! We have a new printer/copier/ fax machine thanks to the generosity of the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation ( CRCF) who extended us the grant money for the purchase. CRCF has awarded us a significant amount of grant money throughout the years that has  funded everything from summer reading program awards, craft supplies, numerous programming costs and now a new printer.  We are grateful to this organization for coordinating grant money for all the non-profits in the county.

     The pandemic closings caused us to cancel some of our major fundraisers this year.  One fundraiser we were able to hold to take their place was our “Fill Our Porch” Returnable event. We accumulated over $800 from the community’s generosity in donating their returnable cans and bottles to the library.  I admit I never thought 5 and 10 cent cans would be able to help us much but, thankfully the public proved me wrong!

     We are pleased to be able to say that our Audiobooks collection has grown this year. Audiobooks cost more than a printed book and so we typically are not able to add to our collection as much as we and our patrons might like. This year we saw an increase in the collection thanks to two sources. Other libraries have given us some of their older audiobooks that they had multiple copies of and we also owe our appreciation to a generous patron who donated quite a few to us.

     The library has been blessed with some wonderful neighbors who take it upon themselves to keep the yard mowed in the summer and our walks shoveled in the winter. We can’t thank them enough for the good deeds they do for us.

     The mask wearing and social distancing within the library has been an extra burden for all of us. I can tell you that our patrons have responded remarkably well and have  presented no problems to the staff in these areas. I would like to also thank you for your understanding  as we have to quarantine returned items so they are not immediately available for checkout. We appreciate the patience our patrons have shown when their holds take much longer to arrive than normal.   

     Last, but not least, we would like to thank all our families of young children who kept them coming to the library, checking out books and participating in the abbreviated   Summer Reading Program. This summer at the library was not like any other but you did your best to keep your children reading. We applaud the two families who set their children on a lifetime path of visiting the library by registering them this summer for a  library card.



Time to Show Appreciation