You plus your Child at the Library

You… plus your child at the library is a wonderful combination! It’s almost time for National Take Your Child to the Library Day. This Saturday, Feb. 6th from 10am – 1pm you are invited to bring your favorite little one and show them all the fun things there are to do in a library! We’ll have Activity Bags they can take and make at home filled with coloring sheets, word search, poetry writing, drawing instruction and a simple craft complete with supplies. It’s a Grab a bag….Grab a Book so we have a wonderful array of books laid out with the theme centered around, (wait for it!) A Library!! Make sure you check out a book when you take a bag. We have ABC Mouse (preschool -2nd grade) on our patron computers, Farman Bear Children’s Newsletters in the children’s room, DVD’s, magazines, a room full of easy read picture books and young readers chapter books. While here you can sign them up for their very own library card. Besides the Children’s room we have a Junior section that has some of their favorite series books like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, Magic Treehouse, Goosebumps and more.
A Reminder: Computer usage is limited to 1 hour at a time and we will be sanitizing each computer between users. Masks and social distancing are in practice. See you Saturday!

Grab a bag, Grab a Book Activity bags
Every child is invited to grab an activity Bag and a book from our display to take home with them.

Our Grab a Bag, Grab a book table


Ellington Library February Newsletter

It’s time for the Ellington Library  February Newsletter already as January seems to have flown by! We have been busy at the library with a much needed weeding in a few areas of our item collection. We’re making room on our shelves for all the new books and debut authors’ we hope to have for you in 2021. Inside you’ll also find  information on the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)  you can make an appointment to attend at our library. February brings the national “Take Your Child to the Library Day” on February 6th which we’ll be participating in. You’ll find the monthly listing of new items at our library in all genres.  The Winter Reading Challenge, book reviews and a few other miscellaneous items  round out the news. We’d like to remind you that you can sign up to receive the monthly newsletter delivered right to your in-box by sending your email address to: Please use “Email newsletter ” in the subject line. That’s it! We’ll use whatever email address the request was sent from. If you are concerned about privacy we will keep all email addresses hidden when we send the newsletter out. You may still request a printed copy at the circulation desk if you do not wish to receive one digitally. Click on the link below and keep informed of everything happening at the Ellington Farman Library

February 2021 final





National Take Your Child to the Library Day!

Ellington Farman Library will be participating in National Take Your Child to the Library on February 6th from 10am – 1pm. There will be Take & Make Craft bags, activity & coloring sheets for each child. You can play ABC Mouse on our patron computers. Stop in the Children’s Room and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Farman Bear News. Take this time to visit the library with your child and it will help them feel comfortable in a library environment. Masks and social distancing are in practice. 

Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers.  And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are always open. —Laura Bush



Farman Bear Children’s Newsletter

Hey parents, we have a monthly  Farman Bear Children’s Newsletter created just for your favorite little one!  Every month it will include a craft, activity ideas, poetry, reading book list and a coloring page. This month they can earn a prize by bringing back the completed word search.  Next month might include a simple yummy recipe they can easily make. Our reading list will include books that are available at our library and will correspond to a monthly theme. This month- it’s Snow! Even if your child is not an independent reader you can have fun doing the activities together and reading with them. You can come pick up your newsletter in the Children’s room or click on the link below to view it online

Farman Bear Children’s January news


All’s Quiet on the Outside

Ellington Farman Library’s first newsletter of the 2021 year:  In the library it may seem like January is quiet and peaceful with its softly falling snow outside and the coziness of an old building full of books on the inside. Don’t be fooled! This first month of the year is when a full year’s worth of programming starts to be realized.

All future craft and art programs start in January with a trip into the unheated upstairs craft storage room to take stock of what is leftover from last year. This year we seem to have an abundance of wooden items due to donations from a few woodworkers. There are still a lot of glass jar donations and the never ending pinecone collection. These are supplemented by ribbons, cloth material and lots of beads. Put these supplies all together, throw in a hefty dose of creativity supplied by Pinterest and we come up with the first craft ideas of the year. Next we try to tie in the crafts to either a holiday, book topic or author idea and then out comes the calendar to see where we can plug those events in.                                        Click on the link below to read the rest of the Ellington Library January 2021 newsletter

January 2021 final



Leaving Our Fingerprints

Help make history by sharing your story of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as we relied on information about the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1917-1918 to inform our response to COVID-19, future generations may benefit from understanding what we experienced. By collecting your stories, we become witnesses-to-history, providing insight into daily life during this global pandemic and adding to the historic record.”

There is an exciting opportunity for our community to tell about their experiences during the 2020 Pandemic.  Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System (CCLS)  is working with Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS) to capture stories which will help tell our history. SALS started and is hosting “Leaving Our Fingerprints”  digital collection.   People are encourage to fill out a survey about their experience through a 20 question survey.  Everyone has a chance to upload 5 videos or photos as well and not all questions have to be answered. Please consider answering the survey and submitting some photos of your personal experience to record information for future generations.

Fun Autumn Moments at the Library

The library has had a lot of fun Autumn moments throughout the years. My favorite times have to be the pumpkin decorating programs we have offered free to the  community. I was always a little leery of the possible mess involved in carving,   painting or decorating pumpkins with young children. Their smiles and pride as they held up their finished pumpkins was enough to offset any mess that was made. Take a look on page four at some throwback pumpkin decorating pictures from 2016. This year Halloween came on a Saturday and the library was not open during the trick or treating hours. In past years we always took pictures of any young person (and some not so young!) that came in the library wearing their costume.  Another chance for creativity to partner with fun. Leftover candy that would  mysteriously show up on the circulation desk was always a welcome find!

As a librarian I particularly like placing the focus on children’s books that promote gratitude and thankfulness. We’ll be placing them on some more prominent shelves in the children’s room by the time you read this newsletter. Be looking for them as a way to help teach your children the meaning behind the holiday…. continued on the November newsletter page

Past Halloween Programs at the Library
One of our young families carving pumpkins together, picture from previous year



It’s Election Night Dinner Time!

On November 3rd starting at 4:30pm the library is hosting an Election Night Dinner, complete with turkey and all the fixings! This is our same great Election Night Dinner like we have had in years past but this time it will be takeout only. Along with the turkey dinner we have a selection of homemade mouthwatering pies and desserts for you to choose from. No need to call ahead, just stop down to the library and pick up your dinner. Make sure you come in plenty of time because there’s a chance we could sell out! $10 for adults, $5 for children 5- 12, free for those under five.

Time to Show Appreciation

The following is an article from the October 2020 Newsletter. Click on the newsletters Menu to continue reading the rest. 

Grateful: adjective: thankful, full of gratitude, appreciative

It is totally time to show some appreciation to a few organizations and community members for some great things happening around the library.                                                                                                              Firstly I’d like to tell you my heart smiles every time I approach the front walk of the library and I see a rock painted with color and an encouraging word that someone left for me to find. I want you to know I’ve seen them even when you move them around to the children’s room window! I see them when I hang the flag every day and I’ve noticed them right by the front entrance. Whoever has painted them and whoever is hiding them around town deserves a heartwarming thank you for your thoughtfulness.

     To those patrons who have waited while we continually had to unjam the paper and reprint their copies… you will wait no more! We have a new printer/copier/ fax machine thanks to the generosity of the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation ( CRCF) who extended us the grant money for the purchase. CRCF has awarded us a significant amount of grant money throughout the years that has  funded everything from summer reading program awards, craft supplies, numerous programming costs and now a new printer.  We are grateful to this organization for coordinating grant money for all the non-profits in the county.

     The pandemic closings caused us to cancel some of our major fundraisers this year.  One fundraiser we were able to hold to take their place was our “Fill Our Porch” Returnable event. We accumulated over $800 from the community’s generosity in donating their returnable cans and bottles to the library.  I admit I never thought 5 and 10 cent cans would be able to help us much but, thankfully the public proved me wrong!

     We are pleased to be able to say that our Audiobooks collection has grown this year. Audiobooks cost more than a printed book and so we typically are not able to add to our collection as much as we and our patrons might like. This year we saw an increase in the collection thanks to two sources. Other libraries have given us some of their older audiobooks that they had multiple copies of and we also owe our appreciation to a generous patron who donated quite a few to us.

     The library has been blessed with some wonderful neighbors who take it upon themselves to keep the yard mowed in the summer and our walks shoveled in the winter. We can’t thank them enough for the good deeds they do for us.

     The mask wearing and social distancing within the library has been an extra burden for all of us. I can tell you that our patrons have responded remarkably well and have  presented no problems to the staff in these areas. I would like to also thank you for your understanding  as we have to quarantine returned items so they are not immediately available for checkout. We appreciate the patience our patrons have shown when their holds take much longer to arrive than normal.   

     Last, but not least, we would like to thank all our families of young children who kept them coming to the library, checking out books and participating in the abbreviated   Summer Reading Program. This summer at the library was not like any other but you did your best to keep your children reading. We applaud the two families who set their children on a lifetime path of visiting the library by registering them this summer for a  library card.