July Newsletter is Ready for You!

The July 2020 newsletter is available for you to read. Inside you’ll find information on our  “Pick a Bag- Pick A Book”  part of our Summer reading program. We also have book reviews of new books available in the library as well as  listing of all our new items available for checkout.

Although there are technically no physical programs going on at the library we continue to run virtual programming from our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Ellington-Farman-Library

On Mondays at 10am we have Storytime with Michelle Obama. We posted 8 sessions of Music with Alyssa which you can still view as an archive video until September. Wednesdays we have continued our Yoga with virtual sessions posted at 6pm of “Yoga with Adrienne and Benji”. Children, teens and adults can participate in the Summer Reading programs online thru our library and CCLS by registering with Read Squared. The childrens online program link is:  http://ellingtonlibraryny14.readsquared.com7 or children aged 5- 12 may  register at our library and participate in the Grab-n-Go Craft bags. We will also keep track of your reading thru Reading Logs if you do not wish to register online. CCLS is giving away a $50 gift card that adults and Teens may receive an entry for by registering and submitting book reviews online. That link is : http://ccls.ny02.readsquared.com .

We are open regular hours with guidelines posted on the door. Although we clean steadily throughout the day we are still open for curbside pickup if that option is more comfortable for you. Call the library or email us at info@ellingtonlibrary.org with your item requests and we will call you to give you a day/time for pickup. We’re here for you in a variety of ways. Check out the July Newsletter to see some of them.

July 2020 final

Library Reopening June 22

Ellington Farman Library will be reopening on Monday June 22! We’ll  be open for patrons to checkout items and use the patron computers but no programming is allowed yet. We have a reopening plan that includes sanitizing and cleaning of the library building, items and furniture. Please be advised of the guidelines below so everyone can adhere to them and we can reopen safely. For those patrons not comfortable re-entering the library we will continue curbside pickup if you call 287-2945 or email us at


to request items. Interlibrary Loan deliveries should be starting up next week also. Online holds for items from other libraries can now be placed.

Guidelines for reopening on June 22



New Informational Email Address

Our library has a new informational email address: info@ellingtonlibrary.org . Thanks to the Tech Department at Chautauqua- Cattaraugus Library System our patrons now have a dedicated email address where you can make requests for items, ask questions or leave suggestions for books and generally contact our staff. This comes just in time for us to do curbside pickup a little easier. You now have 2 options to contact us- you may call at 716-287-2945 or use the info@ellingtonlibrary.org email address. We’re so excited about this and hope to hear from patrons soon with requests for items.

We're excited to announce our new informational email address!
You can now contact us at info@ellingtonlibrary.org



Curbside Pickup Starting June 1st

How does curbside pickup work?
You let us know what items you wish to reserve, we get them for you, notify you of pickup time & you pick them up on our front porch.
Here’s the complete procedure:
You can only order materials available in our library. There is no interloan library service between libraries at this time. You can start ordering May 30th by calling us: 287-2945. We do not accept instant messaging on Facebook, Twitter or email requests.
1) Patrons are encouraged to look for desired materials in on-line catalog ;
https://catalog.ellingtonlibrary.org/ checking for availability in our library. You will not be able to place holds on-line. Patrons are not permitted inside the library to browse the collections. We will advertise new and high-interest titles on our website https://www.ellingtonlibrary.org/  so you can have a better knowledge of what materials we have available
2) Contact the library by calling 287-2945 clearly stating your name, phone number, TITLES and author requested.
1) The library staff will contact you by phone when your reserved titles are ready for pick up. Pickup times available on Mondays from 12 – 3pm. and Thursdays from 4 – 7pm. When you arrive to pick up your items we will meet you at the front porch with your items in a bag. If we do not know you we may need to ask for identification. If you are not able to come to the porch we will bring reserved materials out to your car. Due dates are back to normal – 2 weeks for books and one week for DVDs.
If after 2 weeks you have not picked up items they will be checked back in and returned to shelves
Please drop off your returns in our Dropbox. All materials returned will be quarantined for 72 hours before we check them in. This means the books/dvds will remain on your account for three more days after your return. No fines will occur. Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves and using sanitizer when handling your materials.We’re sorry but at this time, we are not able to make copies for you or use the fax machine. No patrons are allowed inside the library and no computer usage at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we try new things in order to better serve our patrons during these times of closings.

We strive to provide Accurate & Accessible Heath Information

Accurate & Accessible; Ellington Farman Library’s  GiveBigCHQ 2020 fundraising campaign theme is to raise money to fund a Health Reference Item collection that will supply general health knowledge and be accessible to all. A library’s first duty is to provide free access to information. We should also ensure the information we offer is accurate, especially when it comes to health related issues. The recent pandemic made us pause and gave us time to access our library and the information we offer to our community. We took a good hard look at our small rural library’s current Health reference section and we found it lacking. We currently have a total of 32 Health related books not including the Fad Diets themes. We offer to our patrons a 1997 copyright of “The Merck Manual of Medical Information”. How about the 1995 edition of “The Lupus Book: A guide for patients and their families”. We are confident there has been a lot of new health information discovered in the last 25 years. The need is never timelier and more relevant.   When this pandemic is over, we know there will be many of our patrons returning to the library with questions. Our rural community includes many people that have no access to reliable internet, cell phone coverage nor do they own digital devices. They depend on the library to provide them with books and DVD’s that not only entertain them but give them answers. This current health crisis will bring many questions to the forefront of everyone’s life.

We realize that a patron’s health care provider is their best source for information about specific health concerns and we do not plan to offer medical advice. We are simply stating the need for books and DVD’s covering basic health information on topics relevant to our daily lives. Our library would like to purchase a set of Health reference books along with associated DVD’s as we are aware that not everyone receives their information by reading. The books we plan to buy with the money raised will be chosen for their accuracy and ones that can be easily understood by the average reader. The DVD’s will be purchased with advice from reputable science and health organizations. A sampling of the topics we plan to include will be: Men’s and Women’s Health Concerns, Health Information for all Stages and Ages of Life, Diseases of the Mind & Body, Basic Anatomy & Physiology, Mental Health Disorders,  Human Sexuality & Basic Medical Dictionary of Health Terms.

Ellington Farman Library is participating in the GiveBig CHQ which is an online fundraiser hosted by The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation specifically to help nonprofits raise funds. Our campaign is Accurate & Accessible; we’re raising money to fund a Health Reference Item Collection  Our website, https://www.givebigchq.org/organizations/ellington-farman-library-association   can be viewed now and online financial donations are being accepted thru the site from June 1 – June 11th. We know that giving financially at this time is not feasible for all. If you are not able to but would still like to help our library you can forward our link and share our Facebook page posts to your social media sites as well. You would be providing a great help to us by spreading the word.

A library’s first duty is to provide free access to information. Your donation to Ellington Farman Library, through the GiveBig CHQ Fundraiser in June, will make accessible the knowledge our library patrons need to understand a variety of health and lifestyle issues. You will be helping our rural community be better prepared for whatever public or private health crisis might come in the future.



Accutrate & Accessible Give Big CHQ campaign




Answering your Questions via Tawk

Libraries can now answer your questions even if our doors are closed! Introducing …….Tawk Chat Reference service rolled out from the Tech folks at Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System. You can see the new icon on the right side of this page just under upcoming events. Click on this icon to ask a question from a library staff person. If the chat service is not live at that moment, you will be directed to a simple form for you to fill in your question, hit submit and someone will get back to you soon. Or you can access the Tawk Reference Platform by going to  https://www.cclsny.org/and in the bottom left corner you will see either a chat icon or an envelope icon in green. The chat service will be accessible via an icon on the CCLS website, member websites and catalog. Just another terrific example of how your library staff and CCLS staff are working hard every day to keep you informed, interacting and involved with your local library.



New Tawk Chat reference platform

Ellington Farman Library Lessons Learned

Lessons learned from this NY Pause and the closing of the library is how much the library is more than just our item collection. Being closed has amplified the fact that we really exist to serve the community. Right now the community cannot physically be seen by our staff. We still offer our item collection through Libby app, Overdrive and other databases that can be accessed by our website and through Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System (CCLS) You saw all those elinks in the April newsletter. I will post them again inside the newsletter in case you missed them. We still are trying to connect with you on Facebook by offering relevant information, links to fun sites and creative things for adults and children alike to do. Sometimes it’s just offering up funny quotes because we all need to take our mind off the news for a
while. These are things we do to make attempts at staying in touch with you but, they can never replace the face to face interactions of the library on a daily basis. I miss….. seeing your smiling faces, hearing your book review when you return your latest books, putting on the coffee for the various groups that meet in our community room, attempting to help you research your reference questions and then learning something new from those answers, finding your favorite authors, locating obscure books, placing holds and then sharing in your excitement when you come pick up those holds…the list just goes on. I miss hearing the children’s voices while they compete with each other in their computer games and even having to remind them to tone down their excitement sometimes! To read the rest of the May Newsletter please click on the link below

Ellington Farman Library May Newsletter



Free Books on Front Porch

Even though our library is closed we still want to provide our community with reading materials so…. please check out our front porch as it has a tote full of books and magazines you can take for free. No checkouts or returns needed or wanted.  In fact we ask that you do not return them so we can limit the exposure to the virus. I’ve tried to add a mix of genres and included childrens/junior books also. The plan is to come back every few days to replenish the tote. So if you are bored and running out of reading material please come take a look. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite author!

While you are on the front porch feel free to also take advantage of our free Wi-Fi; it is always on and no password required. Stay safe, we miss all our patrons and hope to see you again as soon as we get the go ahead to  safely open.

Remember to follow us on Facebook at




Ellington Farman Library Newsletter is Ready for You

We want you to know that even though our building may be closed but we are still hard at work trying to find ways in which we can serve our community in light of all these restrictions. First we want every patron to understand that when we get the go ahead to reopen we will be observing a day of cleaning and sanitizing the interior as we take the sanitary conditions of our library seriously. Any books or DVD’s that were in our book drop before we closed will be wiped down with approved disinfectant wipes. The front page article of the newsletter contains some very important links that the Chautauqua- Cattaraugus Library System (CCLS) has made available to all patrons so you can continue to read books, newspapers and listen to audio books on your devices. They have worked hard to provide these services to you and I encourage you to take advantage of them. Some of them you do not even need a library card for!

One thing that did not get in the newsletter: Our library is still going forward with the Can & Plastic Recyclable drive. It will be the Saturday  after Memorial Day in May starting at 9am. We can take all those clean, empty recyclable cans and bottles leftover from your Memorial Day celebration off your hands. Unfortunately we are not accepting glass for this drive. Bring them down to the library and fill our front porch with them! We’ll recycle them for you and you’ll feel good knowing you were able to help the library.

Click on the Ellington Farman Library April newsletter link below to read the full version  and see all that your library still is doing to help our community and patrons get thru this difficult time together. Everyone remember to heed all the recommendations from the health department which you can find direct links to on the right side of this site.

April 20 newsletter


April newsletter means Spring is here, or coming soon!

Do Not use the Book Drop

Unfortunately our library has to close to fully comply with directives from the Health Department. We also cannot fulfill item requests by phone or email. If you have an item checked out- your due date has been extended until April 20th. In other words- your books are not due now. We ask that you DO NOT put them in the drop box as it will not be checked every day. Too many books in the drop box will damage the spines. If you enjoyed your books then maybe you want to reread them. Remember though they are still checked out in your name so don’t give them to anyone else to read as you are responsible for returning them when the library is open again. We also would not want to spread the virus germs onto the book and then pass it around. Just think- a library that is asking you NOT to return your books! What a novel idea! ( Ok- I couldn’t resist ) All programming is cancelled until further notice but we will be posting to our Facebook site at least two times a day with interesting things for you and your family to do. Keep checking back to https://www.facebook.com/Ellington-Farman-Library-798032366989209/

Please follow Health Directives closely. You will find links to them on the right side of this site. I will miss seeing all of you and will look forward to the time we can all be together again!