I heard an advertisement on the radio the other day that had a catchy phrase that was proclaiming some business as “the destination place”. I’m not even sure what the business or location was but it did get me thinking about the library, specifically our library. What would you be looking for to be able to declare that this library is your destination?

     If you were searching for adventure and new cultural pursuits the library would be a great starting point. We have seven Adventure Passes to  local museums that can be used for a variety of free admissions. These one time use passes can be checked out with a library card and are good for one week.

Are you looking for a little serenity and a meditation experience? We could be your  destination on August 25th at 6:30pm as Sound Practitioner Dyann Canfield leads a group in a Sound Bath experience. Continue reading the August Newsletter to find more reasons why Ellington Farman Library should be your destination place in August and every month!

August 2021 final

Children enjoying a game of chess at the library


Your Destination Place