GiveBigCHQ- June 13th only-We’re Participating!

Bridging the Digital Divide” is Ellington Farman Library’s  2024 Give Big CHQ fundraising theme for the one day online fundraiser, specifically for nonprofits, held June 13th. This year our campaign is focused on significantly improving educational, social, and economic opportunities for community members by providing digital inclusiveness.  The digital age has undoubtedly transformed the way we access information. Unfortunately  not everyone has seamless access to that information. The gap between people who have that access and those who don’t is called the Digital Divide. The three legs of the digital divide are technology, internet access and digital literacy.  We have taken, and will continue to take, steps to bridge that divide for our community.

In 2024 we hope to complete an interior updated data wiring project throughout our whole building. This will provide more secure internet access to our patron computers and provide data outlets to allow for future technological growth. It will also include an outside stronger wi-fi signal so people can have access to high speed internet outside our building and beyond, even into the Town Park. This internet will be available 24/7 even when our building is closed and will go a long way in helping our community. Another issue we need to address is our current computers are 10 years old and the time has come when we need to purchase newer technology but we lack the funds to do so.

Your donation to our “Bridging the Digital Divide” campaign will ensure that our technology stays updated and our hi-speed internet stays streaming for all to use inside and outside our building. Unemployed community members who lack internet at home will be able to apply for jobs online at the library.  All who use our computers will have updated, safe and secure access while in our library. Students will be able to complete school assignments that they couldn’t do at home without internet access. Members of the community will be able to find digital assistance. Updating and keeping pace with the digital world is not about technology at all, it’s about people and the equal access to information services the library can offer  to those people.

Our Unique Website is:

Your donation on June 13 will help us break through the technological barriers that exist in our rural community by providing equal, updated and secure informational access to all. Thank you for partnering with us by supporting this cause, our library and the community.


June- It’s Finally Here!

June is the kickoff of all the summer programming and boy, do we have a lot of it!How can a small library with limited funding be able to offer a variety of programming for every age? Well, many of these programs are made available to the community through the generous amount of grant money we receive from numerous organizations. The grants cover supplies & materials, speaker fees and a lot of other costs involved in  programming. We’d like to thank the following for the grants recently awarded to the Ellington  Farman Library.

  • Tri-County Arts Council: covering artists fees and allowing us to offer art instruction for both children & adults
  • Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System: for help in marketing & supplies for summer programs
  • Falconer Region Community Fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation: for covering most costs for major programs from now until December 14th

Make sure you read the June Newsletter, click on the our calendar on the right of this page and follow us on Facebook to keep informed of all things at the library!

June 2024 Library News