Ellington Farman Library Newsletter is Ready for You

We want you to know that even though our building may be closed but we are still hard at work trying to find ways in which we can serve our community in light of all these restrictions. First we want every patron to understand that when we get the go ahead to reopen we will be observing a day of cleaning and sanitizing the interior as we take the sanitary conditions of our library seriously. Any books or DVD’s that were in our book drop before we closed will be wiped down with approved disinfectant wipes. The front page article of the newsletter contains some very important links that the Chautauqua- Cattaraugus Library System (CCLS) has made available to all patrons so you can continue to read books, newspapers and listen to audio books on your devices. They have worked hard to provide these services to you and I encourage you to take advantage of them. Some of them you do not even need a library card for!

One thing that did not get in the newsletter: Our library is still going forward with the Can & Plastic Recyclable drive. It will be the Saturday  after Memorial Day in May starting at 9am. We can take all those clean, empty recyclable cans and bottles leftover from your Memorial Day celebration off your hands. Unfortunately we are not accepting glass for this drive. Bring them down to the library and fill our front porch with them! We’ll recycle them for you and you’ll feel good knowing you were able to help the library.

Click on the Ellington Farman Library April newsletter link below to read the full version  and see all that your library still is doing to help our community and patrons get thru this difficult time together. Everyone remember to heed all the recommendations from the health department which you can find direct links to on the right side of this site.

April 20 newsletter


April newsletter means Spring is here, or coming soon!

Do Not use the Book Drop

Unfortunately our library has to close to fully comply with directives from the Health Department. We also cannot fulfill item requests by phone or email. If you have an item checked out- your due date has been extended until April 20th. In other words- your books are not due now. We ask that you DO NOT put them in the drop box as it will not be checked every day. Too many books in the drop box will damage the spines. If you enjoyed your books then maybe you want to reread them. Remember though they are still checked out in your name so don’t give them to anyone else to read as you are responsible for returning them when the library is open again. We also would not want to spread the virus germs onto the book and then pass it around. Just think- a library that is asking you NOT to return your books! What a novel idea! ( Ok- I couldn’t resist ) All programming is cancelled until further notice but we will be posting to our Facebook site at least two times a day with interesting things for you and your family to do. Keep checking back to https://www.facebook.com/Ellington-Farman-Library-798032366989209/

Please follow Health Directives closely. You will find links to them on the right side of this site. I will miss seeing all of you and will look forward to the time we can all be together again!

Libraries have Awesome Resources!

Many libraries, including Ellington Farman Library, are not physically open but we still have some fantastic resources at our fingertips that can help you cope with being a little isolated or cooped up with the kids with not much to do. Libraries and especially Chautauqua-Cattauraugus Library System to the rescue! Click on our Facebook link below this article and stay tuned every morning at 9am and evening at 9pm for some great ideas and links to wonderful resources you can use to keep the whole family entertained and still learning…. but don’t tell the kids about that learning part 🙂 There’s virtual tours to museums, aquariums and zoos for your animal lovers. Read all your children’s books already? Then curl up at night as a family and listen to authors read their books. Check out some links that will help you get the creativity flowing with some average household items. Raining outside? Check out our dance video links, move the furniture and start your own dance party!  There’s lots more and we thank Valle from  CCLS for some great ideas.  Click on the Facebook link, follow us every day, 9am and 9pm. Stay tuned!


Ellington Library Closed to the Public

The Ellington Farman library takes the health of our staff, volunteers, guests, and community as top priority. As a preventative measure in light of recent developments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Library will be closed to the public effective immediately until further notice. All public programs and events are also canceled or postponed until further notice. While this was not a decision made lightly, the safety of our community comes first coupled with the guidelines and recommendations provided by health officials. Please note: if you absolutely need an item, especially for your child’s education, call 287-2945 to leave a specific message.You may also email me at director@ellingtonlibrary.org. I will check all messages at 1pm. I’ll gather items you need, check them out to you, call you  and you may pick them up at the library door between 3-6pm Monday thru Thursday. We will be extending due dates of all currently checked out items to April 20 and forgiving overdue fines during this period.

Please remember you may still use our free WiFi by sitting on our porch or parked in front of our library. Also you may use our digital resources as we  deliver patron access to ebooks, downloadable audiobooks and digital magazines on your devices via the Libby app from OverDrive. Click on the link below for instructions on how to access this.

Instructions: https://www.cclsny.org/libbyapp/

If you need a library card or PIN, please contact your local library. A list of member library phone numbers is at https://www.cclsny.org/memberlibraries/

View our collection of ebooks, downloadable audiobooks and digital magazines at: https://ccls.overdrive.com/

Future updates, including potential closing extensions or cancellations, will be reflected on our website  ellingtonlibrary.org and  https://www.facebook.com/Ellington-Farman-Library  We thank you for your support during this time and wish all wellness and safety.

Alaska to Ellington Program is Cancelled

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the program scheduled for March 21, “Alaska to Ellington” with Iditarod Musher Karen Land.  It is certainly understandable concerning the current situation. We wish Karen and her “team” the best and we’ll try again to have her at a later date, maybe even next year. Here is some of the letter she wrote to us….

I am sorry to have to write this letter, but I wanted to give both schools and public libraries as much of an advance warning as possible. After much thought and consideration of all of the variables involved in a 40-day talk tour throughout the states of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts during the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak, I have decided it would be best to cancel my March/April 2020 trip. It took me 6 months of hard work to plan and schedule this trip. I am heartbroken about it!

Even before New York declared a state of emergency over the COVID-19 outbreak, I was closely monitoring the news, trying to obtain as much information as possible on the ever-evolving situation. Unfortunately, the lack of information and testing makes it difficult for the public to know how extensive this outbreak truly is. To be on the safe side, I feel it is best to suspend the upcoming tour. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. The dogs and I are just as disappointed as you are! It was a difficult decision to have to make, but I feel it is the right one at the moment.”

Keep informed of all programming by following our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ellington-Farman-Library


Karen with one of her sled dogs



Ready for the March Newsletter?

All the way from Alaska to Ellington, Census Kiosk information, Artist of the month and lots of programming are on the schedule for March. Read a letter sent by Karen Land; writer, wildlife advocate and three time Iditarod Participant who will be coming to our library on Saturday March 21st at 1pm. Need help in filling out your 2020 Census online? We have a secure Census  Kiosk available for you to use. The article is on the second page.  Read and see more information on these and other programs  in the March Ellington Farman Library Newsletter- also available in print form on the circulation desk.
March 2020 Newsletter



From Alaska to Ellington: Sled Dog Program

From Alaska to Ellington! Iditarod Musher is coming to the library. We’re excited to announce that three time Iditarod Musher and National Speaker, Karen Land, will be at our library on Saturday March 21st with a program from 1-2:30pm!  The following is a letter she sent  which I’m printing in it’s entirety…

Those following the 1,049-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from afar—via the Internet, television, radio, or newspaper—see a long string of dogs, a sled, a musher. They witness a unit, a team, winding its way down a mountainous trail, progressing across the vast Alaskan tundra, hugging the shoreline of the great Bering Sea. The expansive line of dogs and their human blend together into one even, gray silhouette, a smooth shadow where every member moves in harmony, carries on together, becomes one.

The scene is more complex from the musher’s viewpoint. When I study my team stretched out before me, I recognize sixteen individuals, each with unique personalities, aversions and desires, fears and dreams. We all have our good days and bad days. But one thing remains constant: we are bound together.

The sport of dog mushing is a dance across some of the most remote wilderness on Earth. Completing the Iditarod is among the most difficult feats in all of sports. More people have reached the summit of Mount Everest than have made it to the Iditarod finish line behind a team of dogs.

I am a writer, professional public speaker, and three-time participant in the Iditarod as well as many other endurance dog sled races in Montana, Maine, Idaho, Wyoming, Canada, and Alaska. Over the last nineteen years, I’ve given over a thousand dog-mushing presentations at schools, public libraries, museums, women’s expos, and sport shows across the country.

A little backstory—I am 47 years old. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. After a few years of college at the Herron School of Art in Indy, I packed up my Catahoula leopard dog, Kirby, and moved to the mountains of Montana—a dream come true. I began my studies at the University of Montana in the Wilderness and Civilization Program, eventually obtaining a BFA with a minor in Wilderness Studies. I went on to do one semester of graduate level work in non-fiction writing at the Salt Center for Documentary Field Studies in Portland, Maine. This is where I fell in love with the sport of mushing! For my main project, a photographer and I followed a dog musher around for several months as he trained and made preparations to run his first Iditarod qualifier, the Can Am Crown 250 Sled Dog Race in Fort Kent, Maine. After all of that time spent up close and personal with dozens of extraordinary sled dogs, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. By the end of the semester, I knew mushing was next for me. Kirby and I left Maine and headed NORTH TO ALASKA.

Eventually, we moved back to Montana, and I got a job working for Dr. Terry Adkins, DVM, a veteran Iditarod dog musher and trail veterinarian. After running his dogs for almost four years (2002, 2003 2004 Iditarod races), I started my own kennel and race team.

For 10 years I was a newspaper columnist for the Great Falls Tribune in Montana, writing about my experiences in the outdoors and raising and training sled dogs. I have contributed columns, essays, and features to other newspapers, magazines, websites, and anthologies. For years, teachers used my weekly columns in the classroom to supplement the Iditarod curriculum already utilized by schools across the globe.

            Everything in mushing is totally about the dogs. Patience, adaptability, compassion, courage, honesty, initiative, loyalty, optimism, perseverance, trust, and respect—these traits allow a musher and her team to keep moving forward. I have been fortunate to spend my life with a string of dogs I adore. Giving talks in school and libraries allows me to share my passion with wonderful, enthusiastic people. Thank you for having us!


            Karen… and Noggin (the Alaskan husky)… and Chloe (the Sporgi—a corgi/springer spaniel mix)




Karen with one of her sled dogs






Ready for the February Newsletter?

February may be a slow time in winter for a lot of places but not for the Ellington Farman Library! We’re starting right off on Saturday February 1st with our celebration of National Take Your Child to the Library Day with a fun time for adults and children alike. Bring your favorite child to the library on Saturday from 10:30am on and you’ll receive an activity sheet with fun things you and your little one can do in the library. For each activity you complete there will be a sticker earned. When you’re all done your child will receive a prize! So stop down and have some fun doing library activities together and help your child earn a prize. More importantly though is the fact that your child will learn that the library is an interesting place to go to and that their favorite adult in their life thinks so too!
We have our new Soup Group up and running every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 12:30pm. It is a great socializing time and everyone is welcome to attend a soup and bread lunch while in the library. We have a dedicated list of soup and bread makers but we could always use some more. If you have a favorite soup or bread that you like to bake then call the library and check what months we could use some more cook volunteers! Yoga is happening again with a nice group of women who come every Wednesday promptly at 6pm for about 45 minute session. We’ll be crafting again on Saturday Feb. 8th at 11qm. Everyone who attends will learn how to make homemade gift bags and receive all the materials needed to make a few at the library. Soup will be provided with that program also.
Click on the link below for the February Newsletter to learn about these and other interesting things the Ellington Farman Library is doing in February! You may also find us on Facebook.

Feb 2020 final


Come visit the library on Saturday Feb. 1st on National Take Your Child to the Library day!
There is no app to replace your lap!

January Newsletter

New faces are not the only changes you’ll see around the Ellington Farman library in 2020. We not only have a new library clerk starting in January but also a few new programs inserted in the January calendar and patrons have requested we bring back a few that have been on hiatus. Click on the January Newsletter link or pick up a printed copy while you are in the library. There is always a copy available right on the circulation desk.

Jan 2020 final